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About-us EPUBG Family,who encourages the sanity and skills. To every particular player over the game play . Hackers or unauthorised users are not allowed for our community.

About-us | Get Rid Of Hackers.  Above all, developing clean gameplay for the players 

Trust Us , We have an AI for Finding the hackers. In order, to have fair PUBG mobile .We will eliminate players. In conclusion, caught or breaking our rules .



Players who are in our platform will be secured. So, the users will have clean environment made for them.


We request every players to have a fair game play. To clarify,  having completely fun . For instance, players who are not responding to our Terms and Conditions will be kicked out from the platform.


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We have the potential of making a clear gameplay. As a result, make this together,Way to Successfull Gameplay


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We are here for making this a fair game play. Therefore, players can join our family by applying today.



Founder /Head Of EPUBG

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Players Unknown Battlegrounds provide you a good simulation. Therefore, our EPUBG Corporation will. Firstly, We Provide you links for our custom rooms.Players can register to our portal for free.We designed our portal with a secured safety portal. So, peoples are allowed to use our portal for free. Incase nobody will steal your informtions .If you want to contribute your donations to our website you may contact us through mail.We will be in support and will be active for 24×7. So, you can contact us at anytime. Meanwhile, register for the upcoming events and win prizes.Display your Team name in the Leaderboard .This will help you in making four team glow in fame.There are different customised tournaments by our Team. A user can register for our tournaments for free .


The source of this tournaments are based on your interest for our community. Secondly, we will help creating your skills. In order, you may develop your performance over the game play. Thirdly, We create Advanced and custom room matches. Therefore, it helps users to play in healthy environment. Finally, no more hackers or bots. So, the risk of reducing your skills reduced. Our community offers you a good environment. In order, to keep you safe.If the project fails this will have terrible consequences not only in our department but also on the whole community.